Conversation Starters Deck

Conversation Starter Cards are designed to allow us to use simulations to begin developing capcity around what it takes to engage in deep, transformative dialogue with one another. The decks are designed to facilitate conversations that we would normally avoid. The goal is to engage from an authentic and compassionate place while practicing and developing skills to respond in difficult situations.

"As a facilitator of conversations about cultural proficiency, I have found the Epoch Conversation cards to be most helpful to give focus to conversations about equity and access. Guided by the comments on the cards, participants begin their responses with I feel..., I think..., and I believe... Then, the conversations are more likely to deepen to reveal values, beliefs, and assumptions in a short period of time. I've found the different categories of the comments of the cards are helpful as participants respond to diverse needs of their colleagues. Thanks, Epoch Education, for this rewarding conversation starter."
Delores B. Lindsey
Co-founder, Center for Culturally Proficient Educational Practice