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EDCT 5569 | EDUU 9788: Teaching Without Bias: Exploring How Race Influences Relationships

Price: $150.00

Instructor: Dr. Nancy Dome

Credits: 1 | Schedule: 4 weeks

Unconscious bias and stereotyping affect all of our relationships. The impact between teachers and students, teachers and parents, and teachers and other educators shapes the educational landscape in profound ways. The need for teachers, who are at the center of these relationships, to recognize their unconscious bias is critical to the success of students of color and to closing the achievement gap.

Teaching Without Bias provides a strategic roadmap for educators to uncover their own bias, define or redefine their racial and ethnic identity, investigate the ways that school rewards some students but not others, and begin to form a personal plan of action to interrupt the predictable disproportionality in outcomes for students of colors.

Course Work

Module 1: Investigating Unconscious Bias

What You’ll Learn

  • Video: What is Unconscious Bias?
  • Lesson: The Big Picture: Race, Ethnicity, Culture
  • Quiz: Which of the following are examples of culture?
  • Assignment #1: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Concepts of Culture

Module 2: Teaching While White, Black, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, Asian...

What You’ll Learn

  • Listen: Is This Happening in Schools?
  • Reflection: Assessing How You Teach
  • Video: Survey Debrief
  • Assignment #2: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: What are your "A'ha Moments"?

Module 3: Dominant & Subordinate: For Whom Does School Work?

What You’ll Learn

  • Reflection: Dominant and Subordinate
  • Listen: Debriefing the Quiz
  • Assignment #3: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Quiz Results

Module 4: Changing How You Teach

What You’ll Learn

  • Video: Cultural Competency
  • Assignment #4: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: What Have You Learned About Your Teaching Style?

NOTE: This course section is specifically for individuals seeking graduate units through Seattle Pacific University (SPU) or Brandman University (BU). There are graded assignments due in order to receive credit. Students seeking units must register directly with SPU or BU and pay required fees which are separate from the fee to take this course.

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