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EDCT 5678 | EDUU 9784: Let’s Talk About Race

Price: $150.00

Instructor: Dr. Nancy Dome

Credits: 1 | Schedule: 4 weeks

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone wanting to understand racism as a systemic issue will find this course invaluable. We are generally much more comfortable addressing racism as individual acts of prejudice, coupled with the power to impose this prejudice upon someone else. It can be more difficult to understand how these beliefs are sustained and reinforced in the systems around us.

What You Will Learn

You will begin with a basic introduction to Critical Race Theory and then examine how you see these systemic inequities playing out in history and in our contemporary moment. An examination of your personal beliefs and actions will help you understand your role in either challenging or perpetuating these systems. Finally, you will explore and practice strategies and approaches that combat the common pitfalls to addressing systems of racial inequality.

What Others Are Saying About This Course

"Beautiful. Inspiring. Learned to mirror. Really, really looking forward to future training and more work together, especially with our students." ~ C. Basio  "I so appreciate that you came to our school to help us begin the discussion about race. Thank you for bringing your experience, knowledge and passion. The discussion is indeed overwhelming, emotional and exhausting, but I will take to heart your advice and not allow the sense of being overwhelmed to stop the progress."~ Cecilia K. 


Course Work:


What You’ll Learn

  • Lesson: Advantages & Disadvantages Revealed
  • Video: How to Talk About Race
  • Forum Discussion: An Introspective Review

Tenet 1: Counter-Storytelling

What You’ll Learn

  • Lesson: Exploring Counter-Storytelling
  • Video: Sweet Blackberry
  • Read: A Girl With a Different Tongue
  • Assignment #1: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Voices of Change

Tenet 2: The Permanence of Racism

What You’ll Learn

  • Video: Tim Wise-White Privilege
  • Read: The End of Racism and Other Fables
  • Assignment #3: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Course Correction

Tenet 3: Whiteness as Property

What You’ll Learn

  • Lesson: Understanding Whiteness as Property
  • Read: Whiteness as Property
  • Video: Redlining
  • Assignment #3: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: The Color of Influence

NOTE: This course section is specifically for individuals seeking graduate units through Seattle Pacific University (SPU) or Brandman University (BU). There are graded assignments due in order to receive credit. Students seeking units must register directly with SPU or BU and pay required fees which are separate from the fee to take this course.

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