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EDCT 5681 | EDUU 9787: The Tragedy of Non-ness

Price: $150.00

Instructor: Dr. Nancy Dome

Credits: 1 | Schedule: 4 weeks

Who Should Take This Course

This course is for educators wanting to closely examine how language can perpetuate social inequities individually and systemically. Exclusionary language, such as “non-white” and “non-essential”, is embedded in the English language and undermines the ability of schools to educate students with diverse cultural backgrounds.

What You Will Learn

In this training, you will discuss the forms of exclusionary language and messages that are prevalent in educational settings and in the larger culture, analyze how this is a detriment to positive school climate for students and staff, and discuss appropriate personal and professional responses to its use.

What Others Are Saying About This Course

"I Appreciated your thought-provoking topic challenging yet non-judgmental questions and responses, your enthusiasm and backgrounds and involvement with life." ~ Kristi M.  "I felt very challenged in a good way. You are not afraid to ask the hard questions. I like your realness. It's up to all of us."~ Lisa M. 

Course Work:

Module 1: Reflection

What You’ll Learn

  • Lesson: The Tragedy of Non-ness
  • Read: Race Talk: The Psychology of Racial Dialogues
  • Assignment #1: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Video Essay, Articles, & Quote Reflection

Module 2: Recognize It

What You’ll Learn

  • Lesson: Understanding Marginalization
  • Assignment #2: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: An Internal Review

Module 3: Unpacking the Knapsack

What You’ll Learn

  • Read: Peggy McIntosh
  • Lesson: Unpacking the Backpack of Non-ness with Carlos
  • Lesson: Exploring Non-ness
  • Lesson: Repacking the Backpack of Non-ness with Carlos
  • Assignment #3: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Examining the Impact of Non-ness

Module 4: Using the Protocol

What You’ll Learn

  • Assignment #4: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Using the Protocol

NOTE: This course section is specifically for individuals seeking graduate units through Seattle Pacific University (SPU) or Brandman University (BU). There are graded assignments due in order to receive credit. Students seeking units must register directly with SPU or BU and pay required fees which are separate from the fee to take this course.

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