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Teaching Without Bias: Exploring How Race Influences Relationships (Formerly Teaching White)

Price: $99.00

Who Should Take This Course

This course is for educators who want to understand how their particular racial, ethnic and cultural identity impacts how they show up in the classroom and how they interact with students and their families. Unconscious bias and stereotyping affects all of our relationships and can shape the educational landscape in profound ways. Educators who recognize this and take steps to create equitable lessons and classrooms are critical to the success of students of color and to closing the achievement gap.

What You Will Learn

You will follow a strategic roadmap for uncovering your own biases, defining or redefining your racial and ethnic identity, and investigate the ways that school rewards recognizes some students more than others. Finally, you will begin to form a personal plan of action to interrupt the predictable disproportionality outcomes for students of colors in your sphere of influence.

What Others Are Saying About This Course

"You are a brave woman! The fact that 'whiteness' was in the title of the presentation is an invitation to disagreement. Well done. You provided valuable information, insight with grace and compassion." ~ Tamura B.  "I really liked the RIR and apply aspect with the cards. Maybe more focus on the RIR."~ Raghni R. 

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